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Teen Counseling

Being a teen today is not easy.  Teens find themselves worrying about grades, college equivalence exams, and AP courses, friendships, relationships, and family, body imagine, bullying, and general uncertainty about the future.  They often feel alone in this journey, even when surrounded by friends and loved ones.  Many have a deep fear of failure; some struggle with depression, anxiety, and even suicidal ideation.  Almost all could benefit from support during these genuinely confusing times, using their innate strengths and positive qualities as tools to move through life.  At Reframe Counseling + Coaching, we remove the stigma from seeing a counselor, so teens and young adults can find their innate fortitude and get the help they need with:

•    Depression/Anxiety/ Bipolar and Mood Disorder
•    School Stress
•    Suicidal Thinking
•    Low Confidence
•    School/Life Balance Needs
•    Relationship Management/Dating
•    Grieving & Loss
•    Adjustment
•    And more